Clocks have gone forward, sun is shining – what a difference a week makes – just in time for the next Monument, The Wye Not. The groups converged at the north side of the Avonmouth Bridge to collect the other riders before setting off through the industrial lands of Avonmouth, where aside from the occasional HGV and plenty of potholes, the direct roads enabled a brisk pace to the Severn Bridge – crossing the river with the clear sky allowing the spectacular views to be enjoyed without the usual battle with crosswinds.

After entering Wales and passing through Chepstow, a well deserved coffee and cake at the Dive Centre

After a short break, a few decided to meander back to Clevedon leaving two groups heading on to the Wye Valley – where quiet roads, delightful countryside and sunshine were enjoyed – a little confusing with the geography having gone from England to Wales, back into England and then crossing back into Wales with only one big river crossing – a slight challenge arose in the valley with a road closure, the diversion heading up a somewhat steeper ascent than the intended route for one of the groups

As the river and valley was left behind the route returned to Chepstow and back over the bridge, where there was a welcome tailwind to help those with weary legs back to Clevedon – a total of 80+ miles and over 5 hours of riding meant a well deserved rest before the evening Awards and Social event

Even the most foolhardy admitted defeat to the Beast of the East 2, so no ride – a very rare occurrence for the club, but then again not very normal conditions

Six times as many riders this week (12) made it to Congresbury and they duly set off for Godney in two groups, both of which opted for somewhat circuitous routes which included a fair amount go climbing, including the iconic Cheddar Gorge. Being Mother’s Day meant only nine of the original riders made it to Godney (others having to sneak home before their absence was noticed), but the stalwarts were rewarded with the usual delicious cake selection (including the largest flapjack slices yet discovered at one of our sunday coffee stops – there was a steady stream of cyclists stopping off from across the region so we aren’t the only ones to have noticed)

After refreshments the circuitous theme continued, taking in Mark and the Allertons on the way home, resulting in a good 100km spin, which despite taking in the levels managed 850m of climbing as well.