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Note: Both the ride’s starting point and ‘pick up’ points will always be as listed. However, occasionally the elevenses destination will change. This may be because the cafe is closed or because of a route alteration decided by agreement at the pick up point.


For personal insurance purposes, it is a condition of membership that all CDRC members be current members of either Cycling UK (formerly the CTC), or British Cycling (BC).  Membership of these organisations provides you with third party liability insurance for any damage or injury you may cause to other people or property. BC includes some cover for personal accident.

Anybody acting in an official capacity as a club officer (this includes ride leaders, event marshals etc) are covered by the club’s indemnity insurance, provided through  the club’s affiliations with BC and Cycling UK (our affiliation number for BC is 113229). This provides cover for claims made against the club and/or its officers as a result of injury or loss arising from improper or negligent conduct of a club activity.

Genuine guests riding with the club (typically with a view to joining, and only for a couple of rides) are covered for third party liability by the club’s insurance.

None of the above insurance covers theft of or damage to your own bike. This needs to be arranged separately if you wish to have it.

Captain’s Challenge

The Captains challenge was a way (before a Brit won the tour) of getting a larger group of CDRC riders out on the same day.

In the bad old days you might have only four riders at the Clevedon triangle and two at Congresbury, but once everyone knew that say once a month there was a larger, more organised ride, more people made the effort to come out on those particular rides.

Hard to imagine now!

The ten current events run as roughly one per month and include the 100 mile Randonee, The Coast to Coast, The Tour of North Somerset, The Hill Climb and Freewheel challenge, The Hilly Randonee and the Wye Not.

Points are awarded for participating riders and trophies are presented at the annual awards ceremony usually held in March.



Start and complete the designated route –   5 points

Start from and return to the pick-up point by the

designated route –  3 points

Starting but not completing the route –        1 point


Members to claim the points by messaging Glynn Parfrey on Facebook or using the ‘Contact Us’ button on the website (cdrc.cc).

Dates for the rides are shown on the site in the ‘Rides’ section.

The counting events are:-

Randonee au Plat

The Wye Not

The Polden Potter

Hilly Randonee

100mile Randonee

Coast to Coast – Garmin Import – Coast_to_Coast_2016-2.gpx

Alternative Coast to Coast 2-Day (starts Saturday)

Tour  of North Somerset

Ride in the Fallen Leaves

Fry – Up