Yes, holidays over so updates are resuming – actually we have been back quite a while and have quietly been updating the coffee and cake pictures including rides to Mells, Farrington Guerney, Godney, Tour of North Somerset, Rocky Moutain and Wells…

Club numbers have been steadily growing as have the number of regular riders, meaning that today, despite a fair number of absences there was still a very good turnout across the three groups – two of which headed North to Old Down, whilst the fast group put in the extra miles to Berkley.

Despite the recent cooler mornings and evenings, we had warmth, sunshine and not too much wind as we headed North, arriving at Old Down in good time, shortly after 10 – unfortunately the service was a little slower than usual and a long wait for coffee and cake followed.

The wait did mean tan lines could be topped up and there was plenty of time for chat (and gossip) – all part of the fun of a sunday ride.

Due to some running event (why do that when you can ride?) in central Bristol, the route home missed the usual landmarks of Bristol and scenic views from the suspension bridge, instead taking in the slightly less scenic Avonmouth Bridge before the long slog up Portbury Lane and home.

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