As the three intermediate group riders waiting at the pick up point pondered the cooler weather conditions and darkening sky, they saw their number double by the arrival of the three Clevedon starters and they realised it was going to be a substantially reduced turnout and so the Fast and Intermediate groups would merge (to start with anyway). One of the new arrivals then started sharing some (very) unfunny puns around the destination (Bitton) leading to a sentence of riding on the front in the wind – Fortunately, we were saved from further comic genius by the arrival of the Touring Group, resplendent in their new club kit and doubling the turnout.

The usual lumpy, leg sapping ride towards Bath then followed, before heading on to Bitton, and The Trading Post, for coffee and cake – usually the refreshments more than make up for the effort and lanes required to get there, although this week, perhaps having been spoilt last week, the fare seemed lesser than usual.

There was still a wide and varied choice and the refuelling was welcome, especially as on departing, the sky had got noticeable darker and there were spots of water falling – the threatened rain seemed to stay away with only fine drizzle until nearly home and it seemed to be the wet roads that soaked the riders more than the rain itself

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