Double post this week as other things got in the way last week (ok I forgot…)

Last Sunday saw one group ride the TOB stage 3 route, with the other groups setting off for Rich’s (Mark, the place in Somerset not just another male name) which given the location you’d have thought, quite reasonably, would have been a flat, speedy run – but no we managed to find as many inclines as possible both outwards and back to get 1,000m of climbing in as well. The mid ride coffee stop was better than the last visit providing cups for the drinks and letting us buy cakes

This week the destination was Hartley’s, a popular place on top of the Mendips so plenty of climbing anticipated – well we actually looked for the flattest route (Yes Flattest – did say we weren’t rational) there possible, missing all the usual longer, main climbs – this magical mystery took us along lands and tracks that were new to many of us, meandering our way up onto the top and coffee – where for probably the first time we were able to sit outside in the sun (usually windy, if not damp whenever we visit)

A more direct route back was chosen including a headwind down The Gorge where we also passed 100s of motorcyclists on a charity ride (well hopefully given some of the attire)

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