Despite a cool morning (well cold actually) there was another good turnout today with 20 odd riders congregating at the Airport cattle grid, the destination being Bitton. By some quirk of the ride schedules Bitton only seems to appear in the autumn and winter, and is always a challenging ride – despite no major climbs, the undulating roads and lanes giving over 1,000m of climbing.

The two groups set of at pace on the descent into Winford and Chew, before the fastgroup headed off on the main roads towards Marksbury, while the intermediates, as is their wont, took some lanes and back roads finding a few steep ramps and an interesting descent into Corston. Having had a few riders turn back en route (football and family or something) the remaining 5 then upped the pace along the main roads via Bath and back to Bitton despite encountering some “interesting” driving.

Both groups reconvened at the The Trading Post for well needed cake

A little gem of a stop which you wouldn’t stumble across by accident unless showing for some quirky garden pieces.

Refreshed and warmed the groups then headed their separate ways and by another strange quirk returned similar ways to the other group’s outbound route

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