No not the weather forecast which was checked regularly throughout the week on numerous apps and always seems to change, but that the Coffee Shop was going to be open!

Having set off in light drizzle the fifteen or so believers in rule 5 (and that skin is waterproof) split into two groups and, wisely, decided, that a direct route to Connies (the planned coffee stop) was in order.

The light rain then got heavier as the Intermediate Group reached Clutton so the pace was increased in the mad dash for warmth and shelter – Alas the darkened windows of Connies Tea Shop met us, with a sign in the window confirming our fears – Shut For Half Term, so it was off to Farrington Gurney where we were welcomed and there were no issues with our damp, bedraggled appearance.

Having warmed by the fire (and moaned again about the new system) we set off to try a new and more direct route back, only to reach a mud track where common sense prevailed and a more traditional route was taken, where we sped (well rolled) past a long queue of traffic including a rather splendid black McClaren, before braving muddy lanes for the return home and a rather welcome hot shower (well I did, can’t comment on the others)

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