Well technically a couple a days after the the longest day (and the Coast to Coast is longer) but a 100 mile ride non the less. Yes Sunday saw the first of two Monuments I. July, the 100 Mile Randonee aka Tour Of The Somerset Levels.A slightly early start than usual, saw a brisk jaunt from Clevedon to Congresbury to meet up with additional riders en route to Yeovil – two groups setting off with those not planning on spending the whole day in the saddle still turning out to provide a helping hand (or windblock) – leading the riders towards Glastonbury (appreciated and thank you)The first part involved a few short climbs, which got them out of the way early before the flatter (although not totally flat) roads across the levels.As the helpers turned off the reduced groups headed onwards to Yeovil and then to Montacute House (about half way) where the two groups of 4 met back up

After coffee, cake and water refills (the heat was not as intense as previous days but still required plenty of fluid intake) the riders resumed for the homeward trip, enjoying the scenic Somerset countryside and quiet(-ish) roads at a brisk pace, quickly clocking up the metric century before reaching more familiar roads south of the Mendips.Aside from stops for more water (and a minor fall) the second half passed without too many incidents or breaks, with riders returning to Clevedon in the afternoon sun, pleased with the ‘points’ earned and the 100m achievement

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