No, not the riders, the Captain’s Challenges – barely a fortnight after the last one, today was the turn of The Polden Potter, a 120km / 75 mile jaunt around Somerset.

A slighter cooler start than last week, with less of the blazing sunshine and more of the winds, riders set off from Clevedon, and after picking up others in Congresbury headed south at a brisk, but steady pace – unfortunately the trenches in Barton Lane caught one rider attempting a MVP style bunny hop resulting in a puncture (and a lesson re tube valves propensity to come loose after inflation…).

A flattish profile made up for the headwinds and the groups made it to Rich’s for the customary coffee and cake.

Refreshed, the route allowed a brief period to warm back up, before the one climb (perhaps overstating it) before turning more Easterly and the one tailwind of the day, which eased the riders along to Street and Glastonbury. After, which, the open Somerset levels took their toll and by the time they reached the familiar roads of Wedmore and Cheddar, the longer than usual distance and efforts involved, showed in some tired legs, but everyone continued and soon reached home with a feeling of satisfaction, having had a very enjoyable, decent paced ride.

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