Almost a binge, but not from the end of dry January more from other commitments meaning no updates for a few weeks so two rides to cover off.

Starting on 20th when there was a good turnout (all those resolutions holding firm) as well as a rebirth for the Gruppetto, although more as a Touring Group, due to a number of new members and potential members wanting to experience The Club – hopefully this will become a regular fixture again – so if you are thinking of riding with us get in touch as there is likely to be a suitable group.

Sweets was the coffee stop – a great location and popular with cyclist from across the region although it does mean that it can be a little busy, and it was – a respite from the cool weather and some human Jenga to get a seat but good cake.

Despite rain in the lead up, last week saw a continuation of the dry Sundays and another good turnout of riders for a Touring Group, despite somewhat windy conditions – All three went to Burnham battling headwinds and crosswinds (strangely enough didn’t notice any tailwinds either way!) managing fairly brisk speeds both forwards and sideways)

One group, wisely, tried a new cafe which got some good feedback whilst the rest stuck to the usual (for this time anyway)

Having been unable to climb Canada Coombe from Uphill on the way out (due to a road closure) we weren’t to miss out with a (planned) surprise on the route back taking us first over Brent Knoll and then to Bleadon Hill and Roman Road just to break up the otherwise flat route

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