After a few technical issues and a move of web host we should now be back and more stable – there may not have been any news updates but we have been riding:

April Fools Day saw a ride to Shepton Mallet, which enabled a few to pop into the Rapha Outlet at whilst there, although it looked like a lot of restraint and very few purchases were made

The following week was the farm shop at Farrington Gurney where a circuitous route enabled a few extra hills for good measure, knowing that it would be followed by The Polden Potter (April’s Captain’s Challenge), a flat-ish ride.
The PP saw a change in the planned coffee stop, continuing to Rich’s rather than Burnham

I don’t know what was done to upset them whilst there, but when we returned the following week, despite having plenty of cakes on display we were told they couldn’t sell us any cake (tea cake or scones onlys) which was then rounded off with coffee in paper cups as they’d run out of cups / were saving them for a group later in the day

This bad luck with coffee continued the following week at Sweets, where its popularity meant a very long wait for our orders (and some grumpy people) – on a positive note the new Toilet block seems to now be open replacing the rather primitive facilities (previously the main criticism of Sweets as a coffee stop)

This week the groups headed North – the very fine weather and little wind being most welcome, and resulting in lots of bare arms and legs on display, along with a peacock at coffee

The improving weather has also seen an increase in the numbers riding along with three or four new joiners (get in touch if you’d like to join) -which is great to see

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