This development plan is intended to guide the further development of the club.  The plan sets out:

  • Where we are now
  • Where we would like to be
  • How we get there 

1 Where we are now

1.1 Description

Clevedon and District Road Club (CDRC) is a multi-disciplinary cycling club, predominantly serving the northern half of North Somerset, although some members do come from further afield.  The club has 100 members who participate in a range of cycling activities.  Members range in age from 10 to 90, but most members are aged over 30.

1.2 Brief history

CDRC was originally with the CTC but went ‘solo’ in 1952 so that the members could race. The club still has some founding members actively cycling with the club on a regular basis.

1.3 Ethos

CDRC is a membership organisation which aims to provide a sociable and supportive community for local cyclists who want to participate in a wide variety of cycling disciplines and activities.

1.4 Activities and events

Club members currently participate in a range of activities, including:

  • Social/club runs every Sunday
  • Veterans weekly rides
  • Touring
  • Audaxes/sportives
  • Road racing
  • Time trailing
  • Mountain biking
  • Cyclo-cross
  • Velodrome

As well as the weekly club run, the club organises a number of events throughout the year, including:

  • The ‘Captain’s Challenge’ series of audaxes and endurance rides throughout the year
  • Weekly club time trials throughout the summer, and a Boxing Day event
  • ‘Meet the Clevedon’ annual event to raise the club’s local profile
  • Christmas fry-up
  • Annual dinner

1.5 Management

The club is run by a committee, overseen by a chair and vice-chair, supported by a secretary.  Other posts include: club captain, clothing secretary, social secretary; road race secretary, time trial secretary, mountain bike secretary amongst others.

1.6 Trends and opportunities

Cycling has become increasingly more popular in recent years.  Following the 1990s boom in mountain biking and BMX, road cycling has become more popular recently.  Triathlon has introduced many people to competitive cycling, and major events such as the 2012 Olympic Games, Tour de France and Tour Of Britain are raising the profile of cycling.  More people, and a wider range of people, are now regularly involved in cycling as a hobby or pastime, and not just cycling as a means of transport.  Although many people prefer to cycle alone, some want to get involved in a club for both social and sporting reasons.  CDRC is a long-established club and could welcome new members.  This will benefit both the new members and the long-standing members of the club.  Welcoming those with no history or experience of club cycling will inevitably bring challenges, but these people will bring vitality and new life to the club. 

2 The Development Plan

2.1 Vision for the future

In three years time CDRC will have over 150 members, including more women and young members than at present.  The members will actively participate in many areas of cycling (in particular those already mentioned in this plan).  The club will run a regular programme of activities.  Members will be encouraged and supported to race and participate in challenges, and the club will provide coaching and other support to enable them to do this.   The club will have strong social activities both on and off the bike, and members will meet to socialise weekly throughout the year.  The club will have sponsors that are closely engaged, bringing benefits to both club members and the sponsors.

The areas of development set out below will enable us to achieve our vision for the future along with the current activities that take place on a weekly basis and these will be encouraged to be developed and extended for all.

Priority actions have been identified, which will be developed and implemented first.

2.2 Membership & Induction

Priority action

  1. All new club members will be welcomed and mentored by a nominated rider to help them transition into the group and understand the protocols and rules of riding within a group. 

New Starters Information Sheet sent to all new members by way of welcome. It contains sections on club protocols, links to GCN videos on Group Riding, the CTC, BC, club leads, and general information on club benefits, Sunday runs and Evening 10s.

All members of the Development Committee and main Committee have agreed to act as mentors if required.   

Youth Participation Policy and Parental Consent form written and awaiting final sign off by Club Committee

Other actions

  1. A nominated member of the committee will be responsible for responding to all new membership requests from whatever sources and ensuring that an appropriate response is provided

responses copied to Chairman, Kit Officer, Treasurer and Club Captain

c. We will encourage club members to wear the club’s kit.

The Development Committee will bring forward recommendations to the Club Committee on how this will be achieved. Lead: Development Committee

2.3 Social Activities

Priority action

  1. The club will have a less formal annual awards ceremony, which attracts more members.  This is currently being arranged

Other actions

  1. We will increase the number of club led social events.

We will trial informal monthly gatherings on Tuesday evenings outside of the time trial season. First get together in December 2016. 

  1. There will be greater interaction with other clubs – including more joint events with PacTri, and possibly competitive challenges against other local clubs. 

Closer links with PacTri developed – Hill Climb and Free Wheel hosted by CDRC. Work in progress on possible joint Strava Hill Climb competition with Somerset Road Club, Bristol South and PacTri. 

  1. We will introduce weekend / longer rides with overnight stays.

Through Facebook we will look to organise a three night tour (possibly Clevedon, Monmouth, Cheltenham and Bath).

2.4 Organisation and Communication

Priority action

  1. We will improve communications within the club, making better use of electronic communications (particularly the website and Facebook), whilst ensuring that this does not exclude anyone.  A new website is being developed to help with this.  The website will be regularly updated.  Lead: Club Committee

Proposals being considered by Club Committee to deliver an improved website linked to Facebook and a group e mail facility. More proactive use of Facebook as a communication means being encouraged covering members activities, Strava competitions, touring, pictorial information and competition results. Lead: Publicity Officer

Other actions

  1. The club will consider increasing the annual membership fee if more funding is needed to enable the club to do more for its members

Work in progress and options to be submitted to main committee for consideration.

  1. The club will continue to be managed by a committee that is elected every year by the members


  1. The committee will set an annual budget for the operation of the club and the developments set out in this plan – paid for by membership fees and sponsors contributions

Done in practice but to be formalised for the committee at the beginning of each club financial year.

    2.5 Broadening the Membership

    Priority actions

    1. Develop a closer relationship with other clubs, encouraging their members to participate in CDRC events and vice versa.  
    2. Investigate affiliation with Sulis Scorpions (children’s racing organisation), to allow younger members to participate in their training sessions at Odd Down, Bath. 

    Done and Done. Club member providing coaching expertise to Sulis. For practical club, as opposed to individual, purposes Sulis based too far away. However, learning, through our informal arrangements, is taking place.

    Other actions

    1. The club will add to its programme events that will attract new members

    From January 2017, on the first Sunday of each month, shorter (and easier) Sunday rides will be advertised, incorporated in the Runs List, and introduced to run alongside the main Sunday ride.

    ‘Introductory Rides’ just for new starters and enquirers will be advertised and offered through the website, Facebook and flyers.

    Both of the above will be led by members of the Club Committee or Development Committee. 

    1. Look at opportunities for a grass track event or series with local schools and local community

    Initial approaches to secondary schools will inform our approach.

    1. Look at opportunities to communicate with and recruit new riders

    Investigate the the production of flyers / cards advertising the club for display in sports and gym clubs, bike and coffee shops. 

    Investigate how best we can use the local press to help the recruitment effort. 

    2.6 Coaching, Racing and Challenges

    Priority actions

    1. The club will organise a ride training session and race taster session at the Odd Down track in Bath, as part of a Sunday club run.  This will be coached by Dave Sleigh, a qualified coach. 
    2. The club will encourage and support more members to race or compete in challenges by reimbursing half of the entry fee for any race or challenges (e.g. audax or sportive) undertaken by CDRC members, up to a maximum of £10 per person per event.  
    3. The club will award a ‘squad’ cap (or similar) to all members who have represented the club during the previous year.  

    a. Work in progress though demand unclear and will need to be established for funding purposes.

    b. Approved by committee

    c. In progress – design completed. To be taken forward as and when new arrangements are finalised to re-let our kit contract. (Note – ordinary club cap additionally to be made available) 

    Other actions

    1. The club will appoint a qualified club coach who can provide advice and guidance to members and support the development of a club programme.  


    1. The club will organise and deliver a regular programme of activities and develop those that are already regularly delivered; Sunday rides, time trials, chain gang


    1. The club will consider the organization of an open TT, either a 25 or hilly course, to augment the current club time trial, bring in revenue from other riders and commence to process of hosting events to showcase the area and raise the profile of Clevedon as a cycling community.

    Done and will repeat.

    In addition consideration being given to the practicalities of offering a CDRC Audax event in conjunction with facilities offered by the White Hart Inn, Weston in Gordano.