Sunday Club Runs

See Rides for destination, start times and leaders for the Fast Group, Intermediate and Touring Groups. Also shown are Pickup Points for those not starting at Clevedon Triangle. As a rough guide the average maximum speed for the groups are: Fast – 30 kph / 19mph, Intermediate – 26 kph / 16 mph and Touring 23 kph / 14 mph.

The ordinary club run to elevenses and back is about 50 to 60 miles. Some Sunday runs count towards ‘Captain’s Challenge Points’ and tend to be longer e.g. The Tour de Nord Somerset at about 80 miles. For more info on the Captain’s challenge and the club’s ‘Monuments’ see Rides. We organise shorter Taster Rides which can be tailored to fit riders’ experience. These rides are scheduled for every first Sunday in the month. Typically they will be around 20 to 30 miles in length, take in a coffee stop and not be too hilly. If you’re interested contact us ask about Taster Rides giving a bit of information about yourself and we’ll arrange something with you.

Riding in a Group

There’s art to this that is improved with practise.

Global Cycle Network (GCN) host some helpful short videos on a wide variety of cycling topics of which at least two relate to riding in a group – they are worth a watch. The links are:

There are more YouTube offerings some good some bad and some that are specifically intended for racers that may also be of interest. The two offerings referred to above are generally helpful for club runs.

These are 10 mile time trials that run from the Drum and Monkey on Tuesday evenings from May to September.

The CDRC Club 10 Championship will be run in June. The course is registered with CTT and run under their rules. Start time is 7.30pm (except the first and last of the season which are earlier), please turn up in time to sign on etc.

It costs just £3.00 for club members and £4.00 for riders who are a member of a CTT affiliated club. If not affiliated £5 will buy associate membership of CDRC for the season.

Personal Responsibility

We are responsible for our own safety and when riding in a group that is still the case. Runs leaders will lead and do their best to keep groups together, however, you will want to know where the run’s destination is and how to get back home. So check a map before you set off, have the kit to repair a puncture, pack a mobile phone, dress appropriately for the forecast weather conditions, fit lights if appropriate and wear bright / reflective clothing. A quick look at the press will reveal that the most common mitigation for accidents is ‘I just didn’t see the cyclist’. Runs leaders will not take on ‘parental responsibility’ for the under 18s for whom a parental consent form will need to be signed and filed with the club. See here for further details.

Insurance: Club members must be members of  Cycling UK or British Cycling. Both organisations offer members a wide range of other benefits including store discounts, legal advice, holiday offers, mapping and route information.


Two local businesses sponsor the club – MEKK Cycles and the Walnut Grove Clinic. Their involvement with the club is reviewed by the Club’s Committee regularly and is at early stage of development. The logos of both businesses appear on current club kit. In return MEKK offers significant discounts to club members on items purchased whilst Walnut Grove Clinic offers a discount to members of 10% on their treatments.