You should not ride more than two abreast and single file on narrow or busy roads

The motorist should take responsibility for their own passing manoeuvre.

Below are recommendations on safe riding and etiquette. Everyone should be looking out for everyone else.

  • Never overlap wheels, if the rider in front switches you have nowhere to go.
  • Never half wheel – (ride half a wheel in front of your companion) this is inconsiderate, gets people annoyed and pushes the pace unacceptably high. Can cause carnage behind as riders tire and riding becomes erratic.
  • Indicate potholes and other obstructions, shouting “HOLE” is not enough, rider behind needs to know where it is.
  • Warning of vehicles approaching, lead and tail-end Charlie to announce presence of vehicles. Exceptional traffic may require us to pull over and stop allowing tail-back to clear.
  • Horses, they are bigger than us, approach with caution.
  • Looking behind, if you really have to, steady yourself by resting hand on companion. This should ensure that you do not deviate. Or go to the rear of the group.
  • Removing gilet/waterproof, go to rear of group or stop.
  • Road Junctions, approach with caution, advise “clear” or “stop” but take responsibility for yourself. Never be tempted to jump a junction in an attempt to catch the peloton. Group to be aware that riders may have been held up and allow regrouping.
  • Descents, descend carefully.
  • Climbing, climb at your own pace, re-group over the top.
  • Traffic and other lights, observe them and obey
  • Hand signals, should be clear and concise, a finger raised slightly away from thigh is not good enough.
  • Peloton, no one should be left behind unless they wish to be.
  • Abuse, we will always get verbally abused, never return it, control your temper. (Sometimes easier said than done)
  • Swearing is frowned upon.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, bright  strong colours are recommended – ideally Club kit
  • Show consideration for other riders and road users – consider using mudguards to reduce spray on yourself, your bike and other riders in in inclement conditions

Remember we are the vulnerable ones, with very little protection, and even if we have right of way it can hurt!

If we are polite and courteous then hopefully it will be returned and we can ride safely and enjoy this pastime of ours.

We hope that the newcomers will join us (CTC or BC membership is obligatory) in order to gain  benefits and the very important Insurance Cover.