Despite the biting wind and cooler temperatures, fifteen riders set off to Wells to enjoy the sunshine and the renowned Guinness cake at Andre’s Cafe – As well as the usual Fast and Intermediate Groups, today saw the inaugural ride of the CDRC Ladies Intermediate Group – the smaller number of riders in this group probably meant the most work and hardest ride of all the groups.

After battling headwinds up the climbs of the Mendips and crosswinds strong enough to form echelons, the groups reconvened in Wells

The inside temperature from the sun streaming through the glass windows (and warm air heater) meant the many extra bulky layers could be removed and the coffee and cake enjoyed in comfort – maybe slightly too much given the slight reluctance of some to get back on the road.

Keeping low for the return along the more sheltered Wells to Wedmore road was coupled with a more favourable wind direction to drive a brisk and effortless pace, however the change in bearing and more open roads towards Cheddar afterwards was the price for this initial boost – at least by then the warmth of the sun was taking the chill of the wind away to give great autumnal riding conditions

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