With the next relation of the COVID rules we are able to restart club activities – Whilst we cannot yet return to the full group riding with coffee stops, etc this is the first stage of (hopefully) a journey back to that.

Th initial phase will start on Sunday 4th April (the first Sunday after the next relaxation of the rules) and will be based around riding in groups of no more than 6, with no coffee stop. There will be 5 – 6 groups, split on average speed basis (with sub divisions within the groups where numbers require):
* Group 1 – 18+ mph
* Group 2 – 17 – 18 mph
* Group 3 – 16 – 17 mph
* Group 4 – 15 – 16 mph
* Group 5 – 14 – 15 mph
* Group 6 (as required)
Hopefully this will enable everyone to ride with a suitable group irrespective of how much riding they have been doing.
(Note – more details around this are being shared by email and WhatsApp to all current club members)

The rides will then evolve over the coming weeks and month as the rules change and broaden what is allowed.

Hopefully, the club TT will restart later in April (provisionally 20th) as well

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