Yes, the eagerly awaiting club rides resumed today (well sort of), after over 12 months of suspension (due to you know what).

The high turnout suggesting riders had missed the regular group rides and the social side of Sundays – a total of at least 50 riders were out today buoyed by the thought of sunshine, dry roads, light winds and company after 12 months of solo riding – there was also a good number of new members (15+) on their first club ride which was great to see (and welcome).

Everyone was very conscious of the guidelines and distancing requirements and whilst groups of up to 15 riders are permitted on organised club rides, the club has decided to restrict to groups to a maximum of 6 for now.

This required a lot of planning, preparation and organisation with 6 groups being run (split according to average speed) with sub groups formed within each of these based on numbers to ensure groups of 6 or fewer; no organised coffee stop or standard route.

Burnham and Berrow turned out to be popular choices for many, with the mainly flat roads and release of pent up enthusiasm leading to some pacy speeds across the board – the social media chat afterwards reflecting how much everyone enjoyed getting out and bodes well for coming weeks and the journey back towards some degree of normality in the summer.

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