Any lingering hangovers were soon forgotten as Sunday saw the latest Captain’s Challenge ride – The Hilly Randoneee (does what it says on the tin), which takes in Cuck Hill, Longbottom, Westfield Lane/ Broad Lane, Old Bristol Road, The Wrangle and Wrington Hill (to name the major climbs, never mind the other undulations Lye Hole Lane, etc) to give 1,600m or so of ascent over 100km – challenging, hard but fun.

Coffee and cake was at Wookey Hub (regular readers will recognise this as the home of the best, or one of the best, flapjacks) – whilst a slight detour on the route a far better stop than the previous instant coffee and pre-packed cake in Wookey

The route was not the only ‘tradition’ on the day, with the Captain’s wife re-instating a previous custom of car based refreshments, waiting at the top of The Wrangle with a fantastic selection of drinks and home baked cakes (challenging Wookey Hub for the flapjack title, as well as Brownies, Muffins and other delicacies) – this was hugely appreciated by the riders, coming at a time when energy levels were falling and throats were parched – a big thank you to Mrs T from all and please can it happen again ?

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