As summer ends, a few more of the rides now pick up at the Airport rather than Congresbury, meaning those who forgot to check were left behind – something I’m sure they won’t do again

Then intermediate group were led off the usual descent into back lanes and roads to Chew, a route that was new to most and made a pleasant change albeit at the price of a slower pace – the exploration continued and aside from one small hesitation at a junction made their way successfully to FFS, only to find things had changed!

It was still there and had the same cakes as always but diners were now shown to a set table where orders were taken and served – despite being lazy this change was not welcomed by all (we don’t do change) and seems to be reflected in the prices (although that may be the expensive cake being chosen) making it one of the most expensive stops on a Sunday – not a good record

The route out and coffee stop had given even change for the day so a more usual route home followed

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